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Was it just a dream...

It is late at night, not too late, but because it is a weeknight you went to bed early. A faded knock at the door wakes you from your restful slumber on the couch. With sleep-filled eyes, you walk towards your front door and see me through the window. It can't be, he wouldn't have driven 7 hours to visit me at this time of night, you thought.

You open the door, speechless. I look into your eyes, you are stunning even half awake. I know you are not alone in the house so I don't want to make too much noise. I gently take your hands and pull you closer to me. My hands around your waist, I push you against the frame of your front door to taste your lips. It feels so much better than what I had dreamt of. We exchange a kiss that seems to last for hours. Even in your languid state, your eyes are mesmerizing.

I whisper in your ear, “I had dreamt of this for so long, and it is much better than I thought.” I can tell you’re still trying to make sense of all this so I lift you in my arms and carry you to the couch. I lay you down and cover you with a fuzzy blanket, making sure you are warm and cozy. Instantly, you fall asleep.

The following day you wake, and partly remember what happened. The first thought that comes to your mind- it must have been a dream. You quickly message me via snap but unusually, I don't answer.

Today, you have your work cut out for you, re-organizing what your employees messed up at the store, so the majority of your day will be spent in the back.

Meanwhile, I woke up in a hotel room in your town. After sleeping in, I see your message and quickly jump in the shower and get changed. Nothing fancy. I hop in my car to go find some flowers and coffee before heading to your store. As I enter the threshold with flowers in one hand and coffee in the other, one of your employees tells me with a smile that you are in the back. I kindly ask her not to mention anything so you are surprised. As I near the back of your store, I watch while you work and curse at your employees. It makes me smile. You are in your zone and have no idea that I am here.

The flowers are bird of paradise because you deserve so much more than roses. Every woman receives roses, but you are not average, at least not in my eyes.

I sit the flowers on top of a box, and the coffee beside it. I quietly approach you, my hands find your hips as I tell you good morning. You recognize the French accent, and within a fraction of a second, millions of thoughts run through your mind. Last night was not a dream, ''you did put me to bed’' you whisper. As last night’s memories flood your mind, I kiss your neck, slowly turn you around and for the second time, kiss your soft lips.

For privacy, I guide you towards an aisle surrounded by boxes. With your back against the wall, I rake my hands through your hair. Your warm body radiates as it's pressed against me. I kiss your neck, and a shiver runs down your spine. In your ear, I whisper, “I want you so bad” before you feel my tongue on your ear lobe and my breaths become heavier.

We both know we could easily get caught, but the moment is so intense, it's hard to stop. My body against yours feels so natural. My lips are slowly making their way down your neck as I remove your tank top, and my tongue feasts on your nipples which harden instantly. You cradle my head, letting me know you’re enjoying yourself while your other hand is placed against the wall to keep your balance. Lightly, I blow on your breast, sending you chills. My hands continue to discover your body, not too much but just enough to tease you.

As I slowly remove your pants, without losing the gaze of your dark eyes, you can feel my mouth leisurely travelling up your inner thighs, frustrated that I’m taking my time with you but enjoying the way it feels. I hear your breaths deepen and a small moan escapes your lips. Nothing too loud because you don't want us to get caught.

I rest one of your legs over my shoulder so I can tease you even more. The thin fabric of your panties easily allows you to feel my tongue and warm breath against you. At this point, you want more and are sick of my teasing so you grab my hair, and direct me to your lips. You taste so sweet and feel so wet. Your clit on the tip of my tongue is being played with, your eyes close and I am enjoying every second of it. While one of my hands is holding onto your leg to keep you balanced, I reach up to fondle your breast and I can feel your leg shaking. I know I have to keep going until you let go. I want you to cum, and I want to taste all of you.

As your grip tightens on my hair, your body is shaking and I notice your eyes closed, it's time. I insert my entire tongue inside you and you tighten around it. A louder moan escapes you. I make my way back up to your mouth and kiss you so you can taste yourself.

While kissing, I can hardly hide the desire I have for you, you can also feel it resting against you.

To be continued…

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